Thursday, June 22, 2017

EXP 3- Final Submission



Link to Theory

Perspective Sketches
Link to One Point Perspectives
Link to Two Point Perspectives

Custom Textures
Link to Textures

Link to SketchUp models with two moving elements
Link to SketchUp Moving Element Animation

4 Real Time image of Draft Lumion environment
Link to Draft Lumion Environment Images

5 Real Time image of Developed Lumion environment
Link to Developed Lumion Environment Images

Fully Developed Lumion Environment
Link to Fully Developed Lumion Environment

Additional Work
Link to More Images
Link to Video

Feedback Forms

The following items are from sketchup warehouse for context purposes.

Haworth Table-Planes Rect30x60 Y-Leg w/casters by Robert A. Christman
Slim M By De Vorm
Moroso Lowland Sofa and Phoenix Table by Politik
Vending Machine Coca-Cola by Matheus W
Watson Tonic Open Plan 8-pack 6' x 6.5' #OPNTO011 by Watson

Modern Bookshelf by Indah A

Exp 3- Real Time image of Developed Lumion environment (Final)

From taking in the valuable feedback from the guest architects and Chris I have made some changes to my model

Here are a collection of images from my developed Lumion environment.

Exterior View: Relates to my theory through depicting a very dynamic design with use of curves and irregular shaped components.

First Floor View: The open floor layout highlights the notion of change being unpredictable as the space can be used to cater to what ever purpose 

Second Floor View: Honey comb ceiling in conjunction with a titled roof of the library space portray the dynamic nature of the building 

Second Floor View: Shows hows the space can cater to different circumstances through movable barriers to divide space

Bird's Eye view: The exterior of the building to inhabit curves and a bold appearance convey the dynamics nature of the building 

Exp 3- Moving Elements (Final)

Below are my moving elements

My first moving element is my central spiral staircase. It moves in a vertical motion. When it is at its end position it stop users from accessing the upper floor in the case of after hours or something private being held in place on the upper floor. It alters the users view through guiding the user to follow the spirals of the staircase and look upwards.

My second moving element is in the lecture space. To maximise use of space, the bench seats of the lecture hall are retractable and height adjustable. In the scenario of the lecture hall not been used it can be converted into a purely flat space or can be converted to an addition gallery space. In doing so the users perspective of the space is changed as they discover the flexibility of it.

Sketchup Model Download Link

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Exp 3- Draft Model (Final)

Taking inspiration from Frank Ghery building, I have  drawn a section and a plan view of my concept for the bridge



Below are the results

View from anzac parade- Bold exterior 

Top down view- depicting the fluidity of the structure 


Fly around

EXP 3- 36 Custom Textures (Final)