Thursday, June 22, 2017

EXP 3- Final Submission



Link to Theory

Perspective Sketches
Link to One Point Perspectives
Link to Two Point Perspectives

Custom Textures
Link to Textures

Link to SketchUp models with two moving elements
Link to SketchUp Moving Element Animation

4 Real Time image of Draft Lumion environment
Link to Draft Lumion Environment Images

5 Real Time image of Developed Lumion environment
Link to Developed Lumion Environment Images

Fully Developed Lumion Environment
Link to Fully Developed Lumion Environment

Additional Work
Link to More Images
Link to Video

Feedback Forms

The following items are from sketchup warehouse for context purposes.

Haworth Table-Planes Rect30x60 Y-Leg w/casters by Robert A. Christman
Slim M By De Vorm
Moroso Lowland Sofa and Phoenix Table by Politik
Vending Machine Coca-Cola by Matheus W
Watson Tonic Open Plan 8-pack 6' x 6.5' #OPNTO011 by Watson

Modern Bookshelf by Indah A

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