Thursday, June 22, 2017

Exp 3- Real Time image of Developed Lumion environment (Final)

From taking in the valuable feedback from the guest architects and Chris I have made some changes to my model

Here are a collection of images from my developed Lumion environment.

Exterior View: Relates to my theory through depicting a very dynamic design with use of curves and irregular shaped components.

First Floor View: The open floor layout highlights the notion of change being unpredictable as the space can be used to cater to what ever purpose 

Second Floor View: Honey comb ceiling in conjunction with a titled roof of the library space portray the dynamic nature of the building 

Second Floor View: Shows hows the space can cater to different circumstances through movable barriers to divide space

Bird's Eye view: The exterior of the building to inhabit curves and a bold appearance convey the dynamics nature of the building 

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